San Francisco, CA
March 29, 2014


Board Present: Garry Denny, Pat Aufderheide, Sharese Bullock-Bailey, Lisa Cortés, Beth Curley, Tracy Fullerton, Ian Inaba, Robb Moss, and Jean Tsien

Board Absent: Malinda Maynor Lowery, Bathsheba Malsheen, Marie Nelson, and Margaret Wilkerson

Staff Present: Sally Jo Fifer, Judy Tam, Jim Sommers, Lois Vossen, Sreedevi Sripathy, Jen Kaczor, Marissa Barker, and Jennifer Samani

A meeting of the ITVS Board of Directors was called to order by Chair Garry Denny at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, March 29, 2014 at the Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, California.

Chair Remarks
Denny welcomed the Board and thanked ITVS for the great content that has been rolling out over the past year.

Approval of Minutes
Cortés requested a word change from the previous meeting’s minutes.

ACTION: On a motion by Bullock-Bailey seconded by Moss, the minutes of the November 16, 2013 Board meeting were unanimously approved.

President’s Report
Fifer began by announcing that Sripathy will soon be leaving ITVS and this will be her last board meeting presentation. She will be greatly missed. Sripathy took a moment to thank Fifer as well as the board for being so supportive and giving her opportunities to grow over the past several years.

Fifer then introduced the subject of Independent Lens on the PBS schedule. Fifer and Gould met with Kerger and Hoppe, who provided verbal assurances in an in-person meeting on March 24 that Independent Lens and POV would remain on Monday nights through 2015. IL and POV are holding discussions around branding to help PBS establish itself as a destination for independent programming. Sripathy said a station engagement strategy was being aligned across departments.

FY13 Year End Report
Fifer’s wrap up of the past fiscal year included overviews of a staff satisfaction survey, innovative ways of getting content to audiences, and key issues that independent filmmakers face in changing distribution landscape. Fifer turned the floor over to Tam who gave a summary of the Women and Girls Lead Global (WGLG) meetings and events, which took place March 12-15 in D.C. The Global Steering Committee convened for a meeting with the Country Engagement Coordinators (CECs) from the WGLG social change countries (Bangladesh, India, Jordan, Kenya, and Peru) as well as with USAID and Ford Foundation partners. The ITVS WGLG staff hosted a special training session for the CECs, who also presented at the various events. Aufderheide noted that the Netflix series House of Cards picked up a storyline directly from The Invisible War. It is an example of the reach the type of content ITVS supports can have in the larger media landscape.

Reports on Operations
Jim Sommers, Senior Vice President of Content
Lois Vossen, Independent Lens Senior Series Producer
Sreedevi Sripathy, Managing Director of Distribution and Content Management
Jen Kaczor, Director of Interactive

Sommers introduced Sripathy who presented on diversity statistics for funded filmmakers and PBS audience reach. From a programming perspective, she also looked at what shows were broadcast at feed, what shows were not, and what was shifted in the schedule.

Kaczor was welcomed to her first board meeting. As Director of Interactive, she along with a team of consultants searched for a project management tool and after testing 25, selected AtTask. So far it has been implemented by the Communications and Independent Lens teams and will continue to roll out across the organization over the next year. Kaczor demonstrated some task simulation on the AtTask interface for the board. She also showed the recently unveiled ITVS Intranet. Some of its features include a weekly message from Fifer, daily institutional updates, and fun facts about staff.

Finance Committee
Robb Moss, Chair
Moss noted the budgeted projections as detailed in the financial reports were accurate. Denny commended Tam and Michael Shiro for providing such clear reports for the board to review before each meeting. Moss stated that Shiro was missed, as he was absent for this meeting.

Audit Committee
Beth Curley, Chair
Curley reported that the Audit Committee convened by phone on March 7, 2014 with Tam, Shiro, and the auditors. The auditors were complimentary of Tam and Shiro’s work. This time, ITVS underwent a Federal Single Testing audit because of USAID’s support of WGLG which the board must formally approve.

ACTION: On a motion by Curley, seconded by Moss, the FY13 audit was unanimously approved.

Nominating Committee
Lisa Cortés, Chair
Cortés recapped from her report at the November 2013 meeting how a skill assessment survey covering the current board revealed that desired skill sets included candidates with PTV station relations experience or a background in new media and technology.

The Nominating Committee also recommended renewing the terms of Aufderheide and Fullerton. The board would vote on these renewals and the term extensions of Denny and Malsheen as a full slate.

ACTION: On a motion by Cortés, seconded by Tsien, the Nominating Committee’s slate was unanimously approved.

New Business
Moss announced a film of his was showing tomorrow at the Pacific Film Archive. Denny thanked Sripathy for her hard work once more and excused the staff. The board went into Executive Session.

The meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharese Bullock-Bailey