A Fragile Trust, TV review

New report on Jayson Blair case looks at the issues behind a newspaper's weakness against deception

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The Most Notorious Plagiarizer Ever? Jayson Blair Tells His Story in PBS Film

On Monday, PBS’ Independent Lens premieres A Fragile Trust, a documentary about the rise and fall of journalist Jayson Blair. He came to the New York Times as a superstar feature writer and left in disgrace after he was caught plagiarizing the work of other reporters – multiple times.

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Leonard Pitts Jr.: Jayson Blair and all the lies not fit to print

A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power and Jayson Blair at the New York Times reintroduces us to the central figure in one of the great media scandals of all time, the one-time wunderkind who lied and plagiarized his way through a career on what is arguably the greatest stage in American journalism, The New York Times. He claimed to have been places he had not gone, to have interviewed people he had not met, to have witnessed scenes he had not seen. He stole the work of other reporters and passed it off as his own.

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A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times

This telling Independent Lens documentary concerns Jayson Blair, the former New York Times reporter whose serial plagiarism and filing of news stories filled with fabrications led to a scandal, in 2003, that would end in the resignation of Howell Raines, the paper's executive editor, and Gerald Boyd, managing editor.

— Wall Street Journal


Christianity's Dubious Legacy of Dehumanization Continues in Uganda

In God Loves Uganda, Academy Award winning filmmaker Roger Williams takes a circuitous route that begins with well meaning, if not naïve, young missionaries at the International House of Prayer, a megachurch located in Kansas City, MO, and concludes in Uganda in a bastion of hatred, legalized discrimination and death.

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Story of Muscle Shoals: A passionate mix of music, race and pop culture magic

If you want to see a documentary made with passion and guaranteed to rock your soul at least two or three times before the final credits roll, don’t miss Muscle Shoals at 9 tonight on WETA-TV (Channel 22), Washington’s PBS outlet.

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Muscle Shoals, TV review

Electrifying performances propel documentary of storied Southern studio where Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Wilson Pickett, the Rolling Stones and others produced classics

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Review: Muscle Shoals on PBS' Independent Lens

Coming to PBS on Monday via Independent Lens, Greg Camalier's documentary film Muscle Shoals tells the story of the artists behind the artists whose names went on the label -- musicians such as David Hood, Roger Hawkins, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Beckett and Spooner Oldham, little known to most, but already legend to readers of album credits.

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Finally, Muscle Shoals legacy is getting its due

When it comes to soul, Stax of Memphis and FAME of Muscle Shoals are kind of like the Freuds — Sigmund and his grandson Lucian.

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The Biz: PBS Celebrates Music's Hall of FAME With Muscle Shoals

The story of Hall and the session musicians known as The Swampers, who worked for him before setting up their own shop, are well told in the documentary Muscle Shoals , which premieres Monday, April 21, on PBS's Independent Lens (9/8c).

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