If You Missed the Evolution of a Criminal Limited Theatrical Run, It Premieres on PBS' Independent Lens Jan 12 (Watch 3 Clips)

If you didn't get the opportunity to see Darius Clark Monroe's deeply moving feature documentary, "Evolution Of A Criminal," during its limited theatrical run, you should know that it's coming to PBS this month, which will make the film far more widely available to audiences.

— Indie Wire


Rich Hill , A Community That is Anything But Rich...Except in Hope

A new film airing on PBS tells its story through the eyes of three teenage boys: Andrew, Harley and Appachey, each of whom refuses to give up on their town, or its future.

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Rich Hill , Winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary, Premieres

Rich Hill goes inside the homes and lives of small town America, where kids confront heartbreaking choices, marginalized parents struggle to survive, and families cling to the promise of equal opportunity and a better life -- someday.

— TV Weekly Now


Eva Longoria's Mission to Help Girls Get an Education

Ispired by her sister with special needs, Eva Longoria is determined to help every girl—from Texas to South America—get an education.

— Glamour Magazine


Indie Spirit Nominee Evolution of a Criminal Is Provocative, Must-See Doc Debut

Darius Clark Monroe's autobiographic crime documentary, now an Indie Spirit nominee, deserves awards attention. Here is why.

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The Great Japanese Train Crash: Brakeless, on PBS Independent Lens

When a high-speed commuter train slammed into a Japanese apartment building in 2005, over 100 people died: Brakeless on PBS reveals the corporate disease behind the crash.

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Documenting While Black: The Making of Evolution of a Criminal

On the surface, Evolution of a Criminal tells the story of a young man's decision to rob a bank in order to save his family from a cycle of debilitating poverty. Underneath this seemingly straightforward tale, one discovers the hidden architecture of race, class and privilege that shapes our society. The story behind the making of this first-person, personal narrative is as profound as the film itself.

— Documentary.org


Twins, Raised in Different Worlds

Twin Sisters From China Stay in Touch

— New York Times


New parents were told girls weren't twins; DNA says yes

They live thousands of miles apart, they speak different languages, but they are definitely twin sisters.

— USA Today


Bully: How Five Families Suffered from Bullying, From PBS Independent Lens

The days of dismissing bullying as “kids will be kids” should be – but are not – over.

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