Lesson Plans and Film Modules

This film is set in a future where technology has allowed for everyone living in a fictional gated community to pick and choose all of the genetic features of their children before they are born. Students will contemplate how far they are willing to go to defend their own beliefs.

From the film Beholder

This film depicts the ethical dilemma of a mother whose children are trapped in a vastly unequal school system. The lesson plan asks students to reflect more deeply about the state of our public education system — both in the near future, and today.

From the film Crossover

The film is a powerful exploration of the lasting effects of war on soldiers returning home, told in a unique style that moves backward in time. Students will analyze the effects of the filmmaker's choices concerning how to structure a text, order events within it, and manipulate time.

From the film Gunny

This film about an unlikely friendship between two "environmental refugees" and accompanying lesson plan allow students to connect with the urgent and complex problem of global warming.

From the film That Which Once Was

Use this lesson to help students think about how and why humans like to predict the future.

From the film Tent City

Use this lesson to help students engage actively with film terminology and concepts.

From the film Silver Sling

In this lesson, students will analyze global warming, watch the film Mr. Green, analyze the validity of the solution presented in the film, and investigate the concept of carbon dioxide sequestration.

From the film Mister Green

Struggling with its immortality, a discarded plastic bag ventures through the environmentally barren remains of America as it searches for its maker. Students examine the scope of plastic bag use and disposal issues.

From the film Plastic Bag

What happens when people lose control over their own technology? In this lesson students investigate their own use of technology and consider how to maintain control.

From the film Play

The lesson plan for Seed reviews the history of agricultural biotechnology. Students will propose a new GMO product based on need, potential for profit, and minimal environmental effects.

From the film Seed

Students will analyze the video to determine what aspects appear to be possible now and what do not. Then they will read and respond to an article about surrogate mothers.

From the film Silver Sling

This lesson focuses on the narrative technique of frame story. Students analyze its structure, and in extension activities write their own frame stories and research real tent cities.

From the film Tent City

Students analyze the video to watch the development of empathy. They explore the impact of empathy in their own lives, and they produce a story that models empathy.

From the film Tia and Marco

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