Lesson Plans and Film Modules

This lesson examines the role of Jehovah’s Witnesses in influencing Civil Rights and encourages students to learn about current civil rights issues and develop ways to become actively involved in the Civil Rights issues of today. (includes 1 film module)

From the film Knocking

This lesson explores the issue of religion and medical ethics and how access to and the creation of new medical treatments and technology can result when religious beliefs and medical practices contradict one another. (includes 1 film module)

From the film Knocking

This lesson explores religious tolerance in America and takes students through a process designed to promote religious tolerance inside and outside the school community. (includes 1 film module)

From the film Knocking

This lesson examines how Jehovah’s Witnesses have stood for their beliefs historically and calls on students to examine their own belief systems and the price they would pay to uphold their own ideas and principles. (includes 2 film modules)

From the film Knocking

Community Classroom 7

About this collection

They are moral conservatives who stay out of politics and the Culture War, but have won a record number of court cases expanding freedom for everyone. They refuse blood transfusions on religious grounds, but embrace the science behind bloodless surgery. Following a family that stood firm for their controversial and misunderstood Christian faith, Knocking reveals how one unlikely religion helped to shape history beyond the doorstep.

Lesson plans and film modules will engage students in discussions about civil rights, First Amendment freedoms, the role of religion in medical practices and ethics, religious tolerance, and personal belief systems.

Subject areas: Social Studies, Language Arts, Debate, Sociology, Ethics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Current Events