Sentenced Home

Lesson Plans and Film Modules

In this lesson students will learn about the history of the Khmer people and the conflicts that brought them to America as refugees. They will learn about changes to U.S. laws governing refugees and why some now face deportation back to their homeland. Students will also study how other countries around the world address refugee issues as part of a research project. (includes 3 film modules)

From the film Sentenced Home

This lesson teaches students about some of the laws related to immigrants convicted of crimes and encourages students to form opinions about the legal system and the policies related to convicted immigrants. (includes 3 film modules)

From the film Sentenced Home

This lesson explores what it means to be “American” and how children become assimilated into the culture in which they were raised, not necessarily the culture of their birth. (includes 4 film modules)

From the film Sentenced Home

This lesson focuses on the history of immigration in the U.S., current immigration reform issues and legislation as students work together to formulate plans for changing immigration laws in the U.S. (includes 3 film modules)

From the film Sentenced Home

Community Classroom 7

About this collection

Putting a human face on controversial immigration policy, Sentenced Home follows three young Cambodian Americans through the deportation process. Raised in inner city Seattle, they pay an unbearable price for mistakes they made as teenagers. Caught between their tragic pasts and an uncertain future, each young man confronts a legal system that offers no second chances.

Lesson plans and film modules engage students in discussions about citizenship issues, crime and punishment, immigration history and reform, deportation, and cultural assimilation.

Subject areas: Social Studies, Current Events, Language Arts, Debate, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Ethics, Psychology