1. Timothy Slade, Director

    Tim’s films have screened throughout Australia and internationally in cinemas, film festivals, in-flight, and online. They are represented by distribution companies in New York and Australia and have been sold in Europe, the U.S., and the UK. He has received funding through government bodies including the Film Finance Corporation, the New South Wales Film and Television Office and SBS Independent. I Was Robert Mitchum (short) was invited to screen at the Sydney Film Festival in 1999 and went onto screen at festivals worldwide in the UK, France, Germany and the USA. It was the selected short film at a special screening for members of Parliament, invited by the Premier of New South Wales. Musical Renegades, a documentary about the Australian Chamber Orchestra, has travelled to France and the UK, and has screened extensively and internationally on Qantas during 2003 and 2004. Tim formed Vast Productions as director, with Joanna Buggy, in mid 2004 with the aim of developing Australia-based and international projects of significant cultural value.

  2. Joanna Buggy, Producer

    Joanna has extensive experience in international artist management and performing arts production. A producer of high profile performances, as well as recordings of leading contemporary and classical ensembles and individual artists, she has also managed the careers of distinguished international opera singers, instrumentalists, and conductors. Special projects include managing the 2002 Dalai Lama Tribute Concert at the Sydney Opera House, the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra Australian Tour (2004), and her producer role on Dead Man Walking (Opera Pacific, USA) for Sydney, 2007. She has produced two Sydney Festival music programs, and has worked with Edinburgh Festival as Concerts Manager. Buggy was the associate producer on Musical Renegades (Australian Chamber Orchestra 2002) and is director of Vast Productions alongside Tim Slade, with whom she has a working relationship spanning many years.