1. Paola Castillo, Producer/Director

    Paola Castillo is a Chilean filmmaker, and executive producer and director of television series and documentaries. She is one of the partners of Errante Productions, developing television and cinema projects. She was awarded the Altazor Prize for best television direction for the cultural show, Cine Video + Teatro. She has also directed several seasons of the TV show El Show de los Libros. She has worked on many documentary films which have been honored at international film festivals: Los Perros Tenen Hambre, Piscis, and the documentary films Niños del Paraíso, and La Ultima Huella.

  2. Tiziana Panizza, Co-Director

    Chilean/Italian filmmaker Tiziana Panizza holds master’s degrees in arts and media practice from the University of Westminster, London (Chevening Scholarship) and international documentary filmmaking from the Film and Television School of Cuba (Ibermedia Scholarship). She has been a field-director for different documentary series on international television channels such as Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids, People & Arts, and the Travel Channel. Panizza has directed award-winning documentaries series for the most prestigious television channels in Chile, such as Television Nacional de Chile and Channel 13. She is the director of the documentary film Dear Nonna: A Film Letter (2005) and Postage: A Visual Letter, which won awards at festivals in Italy, Germany, and Spain, among others. She co-directed the documentary film No Me Quieras Tanto (Don’t Love Me So Much, 2002) in Cuba and is responsible for researching and writing the script for the documentary film La Última Huella (The Last Trace, 2001), filmed in Patagonia. She is a professor of documentary film at the Diego Portales University and the Universidad de Chile.

  3. Soledad Silva, Producer