1. Enrica Colusso, Director

    Enrica Colusso was born in Rome where she went to University (Film Studies), and started her career as a filmmaker. In 1988 she moved to Paris, where she lived for two years and attended documentary workshops at VARAN (the Jean Rouch School of Documentary). In 1995 she graduated from the National Film and Television School (UK) after a three-year post-graduate course in Documentary Filmmaking. Since 1994, she devotes a few months each year to teaching documentary filmmaking in England (Four Corners), Colombia (Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotà), and Norway (Tromsø University, faculty of Visual Anthropology). Since 1997 she's been one of the company directors of Radix Films, a UK-based independent production company specializing in documentary filmmaking.

  2. Gioia Avvantaggiato, Producer

    In 1990, Avvantaggiato created GA&A, now the leading Italian-based independent television company dedicated to the production, domestic acquisition, and international distribution of high quality non-fiction programming covering all genres, from wildlife to society, from science to author-driven films. Besides acting as president of the GA&A Group, Gioia Avvantaggiato is also executive producer for GA&A Productions, and is actively involved with numerous Italian and international television industry associations.