1. Loren Mendell, Director

    Loren Mendell is an award-winning filmmaker who has directed, produced, and shot projects for the PBS series Frontline/World, ABC, CBS, Showtime, Discovery, A&E, Bravo, and The History Channel. He produced the Academy Award-nominated short film Our Time Is Up and co-founded the independent documentary production company Angry Young Ranch, whose slate of films includes IDA Award-nominee Cockfight (PBS), Change Up (Discovery), One Strong Arm (A&E Indie Films), and the feature documentary Bad Boys of Summer.

  2. Joe Fries, Producer

    Joe Fries began his media career as an account executive in the Washington D.C. local television market. After many years of success, he left the comfort of broadcast television and joined an upstart group of ex-government politicos to form the ACSN cable network, which later became The Learning Channel. Heavily involved in the formation of TLC’s branding and programming, Fries gravitated to the creative side of the business. After forming Powerhouse, a major post-production facility that provided services to many news outlets and networks, he came to see the drama in the stories of real life. Recognizing the importance of quality and well-structured stories, Fries set his focus to acquiring true stories that had a wide market and significant artistic appeal. He joined forces with his partners to form Pelagius Films, Inc., in January of 2004, with the expressed purpose of realizing this vision.

  3. Bob DeMars, Producer

    Bob DeMars, a youthful asset to Pelagius Films, received his degree in 2002 from the University of Southern California, where he was studying on a football scholarship. As a student athlete studying both film and business, he was awarded the prestigious John Wayne Memorial Award for his academic record. After directing a commercial and creating several successful business entities, he partnered with Pelagius Films in 2004. Since joining the company, DeMars has spearheaded many projects and was instrumental in guiding Talk to Me, starring Don Cheadle, to the big screen. Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Greene is his first documentary.