1. Brad Lichtenstein, Producer/Director

    Brad Lichtenstein is president of 371 Productions, a Milwaukee-based independent production company that makes documentaries, commercial work, technology projects and community engagement campaigns. He has produced for FRONTLINE and Bill Moyers. With New York-based Lumiere Productions, he produced With God on Our Side: The History of the Religious Right; André's Lives, a portrait of the "Jewish Schindler"; The Discovery Channel's Safe, about domestic violence; PBS's Caught in the Crossfire, about three Arab New Yorkers after 9/11; the PBS series Local News, and the BBC/Court TV co-production of Ghosts of Attica, for which he was awarded a duPont. He made the ITVS film Almost Home, a PBS Independent Lens documentary about people who live and work in a elder-care community. He has executive produced several projects, including A King in Milwaukee, about an artist who makes music from his interviews with old people. His current projects include What We Got: DJ Spooky's Journey Through the Commons, a documentary/fiction/transmedia enterprise about the over-privatization of what belongs to all of us. Brad has taught documentary film production at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he also founded docUWM, a documentary center that provides students an opportunity to learn by making professional films. He has two kids and a very accomplished wife living in the house with him.

  2. Lisa Gildehaus, Producer/Director

    Lisa Gildehaus began her career at Iowa Public Television in 1992 as a segment associate producer and editor. In 1994, she joined The Duncan Group, a company that produced for The Learning Channel, PBS, and Discovery International. She served as series associate producer for the 13-part international program Mystic Lands. She began her own production company, Riveting Pictures, in 1997 and was producer/director of the documentary Oracle of Omaha, about billionaire Warren Buffett and his legions of followers; the television pilot Kill it and Cook it with Larry, about a Midwestern farmer who traps wild game; and Hell is Other People, the first installment in the Triptych narrative trilogy. In 2001, Gildehaus moved to the Czech Republic to work with filmmakers and artists and to study Eastern European cinematic movements, history, and languages. Almost Home brought her back to local concerns and the disparities of age, race, and socio-economic status in the U.S. Continuing on that theme, she is currently researching The St. Louis American, a documentary about race and class through the eyes of an African-American newspaper staff and their white editor. She also intends to spend time traveling through Eastern Europe and the former Yugoslavia, researching issues of war, ethnicity, and identity in the region.