The Film

Four individualistic and innovative animators — Faith Hubley, Joanna Priestley, Lynn Smith, and Ruth Peyser — are celebrated for their creative and influential bodies of work. Each program emphasizes the personal style, thematic concerns, animation process, and method of each woman, attempting to communicate the wide-ranging artistic potential of her chosen art form. Hubley seeks her inspiration from myths, legends, and the natural mysteries of life (inspiration); Priestley looks at the changing relationship between the sexes (point of view); Peyser confronts the social contradictions of contemporary life (mood); and Smith seeks the subtle connections in the everyday (method). The series offers viewers an opportunity to see complete, complicated artworks in a lively, engaging, in-person format that redefines the world of "cartoons" beyond the Disney, Warner Bros., and Saturday morning cartoon context.

The Filmmakers

  1. Sybil DelGaudio Producer
  2. Patty WineappleProducer