The Film

As American families change in profound ways, And Baby Makes Two sheds light on the growing number of "unattached" women who are choosing to become pregnant through traditional means, artificial insemination, and adoption. Funny and poignant, the documentary takes the viewer on an emotional roller-coaster ride as we come to know and identify with the very human desires of the women in the film.

These are not strident political activists trying to make a point but rather real, ordinary women who have not been able to find a partner willing to commit to a relationship, marriage, and/or fatherhood. They are women who always thought that motherhood would be a part of their lives and, with the proverbial clock ticking, have found themselves forced to be mothers on their own. And Baby Makes Two follows a group of single New York City 30- and 40-something women (and their often shocked and concerned parents), for whom the ticking of biological clocks is louder than the screech of the city's subway trains and taxi horns. Over the course of several years, these six women provide support and encouragement for one another as they journey towards motherhood in a world that has not looked kindly on single moms. Far from the stereotypical "spinsters" of yesteryear, these women are intelligent, financially independent, funny, attractive, and articulate — but like millions of women, things have not turned out exactly as they'd planned.

The Filmmakers

  1. Judy KatzProducer
  2. Oren RudavskyProducer