Material artist Chris K. Palmer experimenting in paper with pattern, movement and a flood light


  • If you’ve ever found it impossible to properly fold a road map, you will be absolutely astonished by what the folks profiled in Park Slope filmmaker Vanessa Gould’s new documentary ...

    The New York Post
  • [The film is] about a friendship between men who shared certain unusual, difficult experiences, and how those experiences shaped their art.

    New York Times
  • ... A fascinating in-depth look into origami.

    Make Magazine
  • Although origami, or paper folding, is primarily seen as an old-fashioned pastime, the art form is still making its mark in pop culture.

    The Wall Street Journal
  • The extent of my origami experience consists of those little square fortunetelling devices from fourth grade, so I had my doubts about the prospect of an origami documentary. But Vanessa Gould’s Between the Folds — and I risk sounding like a total nerd here — is awesome.