1. Jack Silberman, Producer

    Jack Silberman has been making films for 20 years and has extensive international experience, especially in Asia, where he lived and worked for eight years. His films have won more than 40 national and international awards. He studied documentary film production at M.I.T. and earned a Master's degree from Harvard University, where his studies focused on educational television. His production Swimming With Whales was narrated by Gregory Peck and broadcast on the PBS series NOVA. His film Battle for the Trees won first place at the International Nature Film and Television Festival where it was in competition with 125 of the best environmental films from around the world. During the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro he organized the Mostra Vida, a festival of more than 100 international films which were screened at various locations around Rio — from the grounds of the Global Forum to the slums of Rochina. Recently, he directed three films about the conservation of sharks, dolphins, and orangutans.