• Still from The Boys of Baraka

    Still from The Boys of Baraka

The Film

Devon, Montrey, Richard, and Romesh are just at that age — 12 and 13 years old — when boys start to become men. But in their hometown of Baltimore, one of the country’s most poverty-stricken cities for inner-city residents, African-American boys have a very high chance of being incarcerated or killed before they reach adulthood. The boys are offered an amazing opportunity in the form of the Baraka school, a project founded to break the cycle of violence through an innovative education program that literally removed young boys from low-performing public schools and unstable home environments. They travel with their classmates to rural Kenya in East Africa, where a teacher-student ratio of one to five, a strict disciplinary program and a comprehensive curriculum form the core of their new educational program. Boys of Baraka follows along with their journey, and examines each boy’s transformation during this remarkable time.

The Filmmakers

  1. Heidi EwingProducer/Director
  2. Rachel GradyProducer/Director

Loki Films is a New York-based documentary film production company founded in 2001 by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady. The directing team has been lauded for gaining unprecedented access into hidden worlds and taking an honest approach to delicate subject matter. They were featured in Time Magazine as innovators of the documentary craft.

In 2007 Ewing and Grady were nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary feature for Jesus Camp, a candid look at Pentecostal children in America.