Courtroom of the 1968 conspiracy trial


  • Set your TiVos, VCRs or—in some cases—alarm clocks, because television’s best documentary showcase is back for another season. Into the highly charged atmosphere of this 2008 campaign, the PBS series Independent Lens boldly kicks off its lineup of 27 films with CHICAGO 10.

    The Kansas City Star
  • Poignant subjects, grainy archival footage, and professional talking heads, directors of historical documentaries have long known what audiences expect of their work.

    Detail Magazine
  • CHICAGO 10 is based on the 1968 Democratic convention fracas that resulted in Vietnam-era radicals and Black Panthers being put on trial for conspiracy and inciting to riot (the number in the title includes their attorneys). The movie features the voice talents of Hank Azaria, Mark Ruffalo, Jeffrey Wright and the late, great Roy Scheider.

  • ...A creative history lesson that seems oddly detached from today's America, yet many of the issues addressed in CHICAGO 10 are as vital now as they were at the time of the events depicted.

    New Orleans Times-Picayune
  • CHICAGO 10 is Morgen's call to arms for today's generation. It's a lesson in activism mostly rendered in animation with big-name talent such as Hank Azaria, Nick Nolte and the late Roy Scheider providing the voices. Even the soundtrack reinforces Morgen's forceful look forward.

    Globe and Mail
  • Brett Morgen’s excellent documentary CHICAGO 10...presents history in a manner at once subjective and energizing.

  • This is ‘must see’ TV, CHICAGO 10 has scored big on the film festival circuit, and it is great to see it arriving where the mass market can finally get to view this ground breaking documentary.

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