1. Carlos Sandoval, Producer/Director

    Carlos Sandoval is the co-director/producer of the award-winning documentaries, A Class Apart (American Experience 2009, Imagen Award) and Farmingville (P.O.V. 2004, Sundance Special Jury Prize). A lawyer and writer, Sandoval's work has appeared in such publications as The New York Times and has been included in anthologies. His experience as a lawyer includes telecommunications and complex litigation. Prior to attending law school, Sandoval worked on immigration and refugee affairs as a member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations, and as a program officer for The Century Foundation.

  2. Peter Miller, Producer

    Peter Miller has worked as a producer on several of Ken Burns’s films including the series The War, the Jazz series, and the Peabody Award-winning Frank Lloyd Wright. His own work includes the just-released Sacco and Vanzetti, The Internationale (Oscar short-list), and Passin’ It On (shown on P.O.V., winner of over 20 film festival prizes). Miller was a producer on Barbara Kopple’s Academy Award-winning American Dream, and has worked on dozens of other historical and social issue documentaries.