• Baby rescued from a meth lab

    Baby rescued from a meth lab

The Film

In less than a decade since its arrival there, methamphetamine or “crank” has wreaked devastation in the rural communities surrounding Cookeville, Tennessee. From meth’s introduction as a distinctively deadly drug phenomenon to innovative local legislation and the hard lessons families have learned about addiction, Crank is an anatomy of one town’s waking nightmare and a nation’s struggle with this growing epidemic.

The Filmmaker

  1. Todd JarrellProducer/Director

Methamphetamine is a familiar topic to writer/producer Todd Jarrell. A resident of Cookeville, Tennessee,Jarrell watched a meth crisis grow from a few early print stories in the local Herald Citizen to a national social crisis. First reporting on the homemade drug in 2004 for Nashville’s WPLN (NPR), Jarrell’s public radio series In Meth’s Grip garnered three national awards and was cited by Public Radio News Directors Inc. as the “most comprehensive, listenable, and eye-opening coverage of the meth problem we have heard to date.” Jarrell’s ensuing TV special, Meth In Tennessee, was nominated for the 2006 National Emmy in Community Service.