1. Director Statement

    Pat Spurgeon and I have been good friends for more than a decade. We have worked on music and film projects together in the past, but nothing quite like what D Tour has become.

    Before this project started, I knew a little about Pat’s history. I knew he had a kidney transplant in 1994, and that it was a huge undertaking, especially for a 25-year-old college student and aspiring musician. A few years later I befriended Pat, and — like many other organ recipients — he never really talked about it. Of course, he carried on with his life, pursuing his goals like the rest of us. I never thought about how Pat would have to go through that again. And, after the next transplant, he will have to go through it again … and again … for the rest of his life.

    Pat found out in early 2006 that it was time to go down that road again. His 1994 transplanted kidney still had some function left, but it was inevitable that he would need a new one. This time he did more than just talk about it; he felt the urge to share his story with others.

    Pat called me just before starting dialysis and asked if I wanted to make “a video” about his experience through this elaborate process. The “hook” was that he was going to stay with Rogue Wave and continue touring and performing on dialysis! Pat wanted to show others who might be in the same predicament that you could go through this and live your life the way you want to. The original idea was to do a 10-minute piece that showed Pat going through dialysis, finding a donor and — finally — a transplant. Almost three years later, I’ve ended up with about 80 hours of footage.

    With the driving force of music behind him, Pat strives to share his exclusive outlook and experiences with an audience who may have not have had the opportunity to think about the importance of organ donation, and what one person goes through in dealing with a rigid health care system. I certainly learned a lot along the way. —Jim Granato

  2. Jim Granato, Director

    Jim Granato is a self-taught filmmaker who originally hails from Bloomington, Indiana. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1996, he has produced and directed several short films, screening both locally and worldwide. In addition, Granato has received many credits on a variety of independent film and television productions. Among some of these are award-winning documentary features including Taggart Siegel’s The Real Dirt on Farmer John (2005), Michael Jacobs’s Audience of One (2007), and Dori Berinstein’s Some Assembly Required (2008). D Tour is Granato’s first feature film as director and producer.