1. Fahm Fong Saeyang, Producer

    Fong Saeyang was born in a Mien refugee camp along the Thai-Lao border near the city of Nan in Northeastern Thailand. She grew up mostly in Sacramento, California, but also spent a year on an Amish-Mennonite farm in Kansas when her family first immigrated to the United States. She has worked as an associate producer for five prime time episodes of the TLC series Witness and two A&E episodes of the series Biography. She has also worked as a weekend reporter and daily news writer at the Financial News Network’s On 24 and has a BA in Broadcast Journalism from San Francisco State University.

  2. Richard Hall, Producer

    Hall has produced more than 50 national prime time shows for A&E, TLC, and Discovery television networks and for PBS stations KQED and KCET. He has won Emmy Awards in San Francisco and Los Angeles, a Golden Mike, an Iris Award, and an L.A. Press Club Award for Best Documentary. He is currently a producer for the CBS series, The Amazing Race.