1. Eugene Martin, Producer

    Philadelphia native Eugene Martin is an award-winning writer/director whose work has been screened internationally. His feature film, Edge City (1998) won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1998 Hamptons International Film Festival. The film had its American premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival and has screened at more than 15 international film festivals and at the Directors Guild of America in New York.

    Martin’s shorts and documentary works have been screened at the American Film Institute, National Gallery of Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and broadcast on PBS and the Sundance Film Channel. Martin graduated with an M.F.A. in film production from Temple University in 1990. Among his short films are Invisible Cities (1991), Open Distance (1992), for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award, and Cynthia’s Window (1988). Martin’s first dramatic feature film, Two Plus One, premiered at the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema in 1994, and screened at the first Slamdance Film Festival in January 1995. Two Plus One was acquired for distribution by Phaedra Cinema, and screened theatrically around the country.

    Martin lives in Philadelphia with his wife and three children, and produces work out of his production company, City Story Pictures.