Harold Louis "Doc" Humes in his favorite t-shirt, Harvard Square, 1992


  • The fascinating life story of its subject, a brilliant man whose early life reads like a road map to the ideologies of the beat era‚Ķ

    New York Magazine
  • Absorbing! DOC emerges as a quintessential countercultural figure, embodying both the exuberance and the excesses of the times.

    Time Out New York
  • Jam-packed with interviews with notable 20th-century cultural figures.

    New York Times
  • Casual footage from the era captures the excitement of liberation and the headiness of artistic ferment....

  • PBS will air a documentary titled DOC as part of its award-winning Independent Lens series... The film's director is his 49-year-old daughter, Immy Humes. And it's a testament both to his mad brilliance and to her perseverance.

    The Washington Post
  • The story of Harold Louis "Doc" Humes is at once sad, fascinating, funny, and tragic.

    Poets and Writers
  • The story Immy Humes tells is compelling because it is a story of great talent unfulfilled, and because it is a family story of mental illness and of reconciliation.

    Huffington Post
  • George Plimpton and Paul Auster are among the authors and scenesters who laugh, frown, and goggle their eyes over H.L. Humes in the highly entertaining DOC, an Independent Lens number shot by his daughter Immy Humes over many years.