1. Qi Zhao, Director/Producer

    Qi Zhao is a documentary filmmaker based in Beijing. He worked as a director and producer for the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV for 14 years, covering features, social, political, and environmental issues. Most recently he was producer for the VPRO IDFA best feature documentary Last Train Home, which deals with the world's largest annual human migration as millions of Chinese flock from the cities to their rural homes by train every Lunar New Year.

  2. Lixin Fan, Producer

    Lixin Fan is a social/political documentary filmmaker. He is the director of Last Train Home. Lixin also edited the Peabody and Grierson award-wining documentary To Live Is Better Than To Die, focused on China's AIDS problem and which was featured in the Sundance Film festival and broadcast by CBC, BBC, TV2, and PBS. Lixin worked as assistant producer, soundman, and cameraman on Yung Chang's Up the Yangtze, a feature documentary about the world's largest hydroelectric project, the Three Gorges Dam.