1. Carlos Sandoval, Producer

    Carlos Sandoval was co-producer/director of the documentary Farmingville, which won numerous awards and honors including the Sundance Special Jury Prize and the Council on Foundation’s Henry Hampton Award. A lawyer and writer, Sandoval’s work has appeared in The New York Times and other publications. Sandoval worked on immigration and refugee affairs as a member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations, and as a program officer for The Century Foundation. Of Mexican-American and Puerto Rican descent, Sandoval grew up in Southern California and is a graduate of Harvard College and of the University of Chicago Law School.

  2. Catherine Tambini, Producer

    Catherine Tambini's credits include co-producing the Oscar-nominated documentary, Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse, producing director Richard Kaplan's Varian and Putzi: A Twentieth Century Tale, and the off-Broadway play, Two Good Boys. Tambini has also worked as a production manager on HBO's Connie & Ruthie, Every Room in the House, and on the documentary Best Man. She assisted in the production design of such well-known Hollywood films as The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, True Colors, Steel Magnolias, and The Secret of My Success.