1. Robert Richter, Producer

    Robert Richter was threatened with death if he revealed the identity of one of the sources for his documentary Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins. Richter has three Academy Award nominations for best documentary short, and won numerous other awards and accolades including Emmy Awards, three duPont-Columbia Broadcast Journalism Awards, the Peabody Award, and several national and international film festival prizes. Richter has produced and directed for PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC as well as many overseas television outlets. He is one of the few producers from the famed Edward R. Murrow-Fred Friendly CBS Reports unit still actively producing documentaries. His independent series on globalization policies include: For Export Only: Pesticides and Pills; Hungry for Profit; Can Tropical Rainforests be Saved?; The Money Lenders; and Increase and Multiply? In 1989, he was honored with a Global 500 Award from the United Nations Environment Program for his broad range of environmental productions, the only independent producer in the world to be so recognized. Previously for PBS, he produced Ben Spock — Baby Doctor; Who Shot President Kennedy; A Plague on Our Children; and Incident at Browns Ferry for NOVA.