• Still from Freedom Fighters

    Still from Freedom Fighters


The Film

There’s a new detective agency in Dallas, Texas, started by a group of exonerated men with decades in prison served between them.

Chris Scott was sitting in a support group meeting for men all bound together by the painful experience of wasting years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit, when he was struck by a realization: there was a dream team right in front of him, ready to step into action. He and his friends had first-hand knowledge of how wrongful convictions happen. Together, they could start an investigative unit, a detective agency of sorts, to look for innocent people still incarcerated. They would draw from what they knew, as well as from the expertise of the attorneys who helped get them out of prison. Calling themselves the “Freedom Fighters,” their goal would be to free the wrongly accused who are still behind bars.

This character-driven documentary follows these change-makers as they rebuild their lives and families, learn to investigate cases, work to support each other, and campaign to fix the criminal justice system.

The Filmmakers

  1. Jamie MeltzerDirector
  2. Kate McLeanProducer
  3. David AlvaradoProducer