• Still from Garrison Keillor

    Still from Garrison Keillor


The Film

No one else has a take on America that is as incisive as Garrison Keillor. Not since Will Rogers and Mark Twain has America had the good fortune to have someone look at us in such a witty manner. This film trails Garrison Keillor as America’s foremost humorist, as he takes us on a personal tour of the country and people he knows so well.

Garrison Keillor, America’s raconteur, is a prolific author with more than 20 books to his credit, a highly sought speaker and lecturer, and is credited with reviving the virtually lost art of live radio entertainment in America. His weekly radio show, “Prairie Home Companion,” started in 1969, has more than 4 million listeners, is broadcast on 558 stations including America One and the Armed Forces Network.

The Filmmaker

  1. Peter RosenProducer/Director