• Still from Getting Back to Abnormal

    Still from Getting Back to Abnormal


The Film

Getting Back to Abnormal is a look at the state of New Orleans politics and culture more than five years after Hurricane Katrina. Set against the 2009-2010 local political season, the election of the first white mayor in a generation, and the triumph of the Saints football team, the film is structured around the city’s complicated and ever-present race issue.

Mixing fly-on-the-wall verité footage with interviews, the film charts the next chapter of life in New Orleans, including politics (a divisive city council race); housing (the destruction of the city’s housing projects and the rise of new neighborhoods like Brad Pitt’s eco-friendly Make It Right experiment in the flood-ravaged Lower Ninth Ward); cultural self-awareness (the HBO series Treme); and the stories of individual New Orleanians both maintaining and reinventing their lives.

Getting Back to Abnormal is a portrait of a culture in the throes of change, and at an inflection point in the history of New Orleans and the lives of its citizens. The film will study the changing faces of New Orleans residents, neighborhoods in transition, new architecture, and new ways of living, and the emergence of new attitudes in a place that has proudly resisted real change for decades. The film takes a clear-eyed look at the successes and failures of the city's recovery, why New Orleans matters, and what we can all learn from its struggles.

The Filmmakers

  1. Louis AlvarezProducer/Director
  2. Andrew KolkerProducer/Director
  3. Peter OdabashianProducer/Director
  4. Paul SteklerProducer/Director