1. Bosse Lindquist, Director

    Bosse Lindquist, born in 1954, is a Swedish radio and TV producer and director who was head of the Swedish Radio’s Documentary Department between 2007-2011. He has been working with TV documentaries since 1988. Lindquist has made a long series of award-winning documentaries,including "WikiRebels" about the WikiLeaks founders Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg and The Genius and the Boys about Nobel laureate Carleton Gajdusek who discovered the Kuru disease among a cannibal tribe in New Guinea, and who also was a self-proclaimed pedophile. His films have been screened in broadcasters around the world, and at festivals like IDFA, Thessaloniki, and Nordisk Panorama, among others. His films have also been awarded the Prix Europa, the Association of Swedish Investigative Journalists prize and the Ikarosprize.

  2. David Herdies, Producer

    David Herdies was born 1974 in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a background in photography and music, and studied Religion, Culture and Media at the Universities of Stockholm and Uppsala. He has also done a post-graduate course in Arts and Culture at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Herdies is one of the founders of Stockholm-based production company Momento Film. He has directed and produced the feature-length documentaries The Guerilla Son and Citizen Oketch, and several short documentaries for TV and festivals. David is currently the Chairman of Filmcentrum Riks, a national organization for institutional distribution and for filmmakers’ rights.