1. Lucy Winer, Producer

    Award-winning, critically acclaimed filmmaker Lucy Winer’s previous work has been called “warm, witty, and genuinely touching” by the Los Angeles Times, “hilarious” by the Hollywood Reporter and “intriguing, often hair-raising” by The New York Times. Winer served as series producer and program director on the groundbreaking ITVS series Positive: Live with HIV, which was awarded a Golden Apple at the National Educational Film and Video Festival. Winer’s other films include the controversial feature Rate It X, an ironic critique of sexism in America, Greetings from Washington, D.C., which won the Outstanding Film of the Year award at the London Film Festival for its chronicle of the historic lesbian and gay political march on Washington D.C. and Silent Pioneers, an Emmy-nominated documentary on lesbian and gay seniors.

  2. Karen Eaton, Producer

    Karen Eaton is a multi-media graphic designer and artist with 20 years experience. She was the founder and president of Canard Design, Inc. a multi-media design studio in New York. Eaton served as associate producer on Rate It X and Tales of an Exhausted Woman, as well as art director on Silent Pioneers.