1. Jasmine Dellal, Producer/Director

    Jasmine Dellal grew up in England and spent much of her childhood with grandparents in a south Indian village. After studying French and Spanish at Oxford University, she made short films for her Masters at U.C. Berkeley and won a student Emmy for a profile of a homeless photographer. Dellal’s teacher and mentor in California was the acclaimed Marlon Riggs, with whom she worked on his final feature Black Is ... Black Ain’t. In the early 1990s, Dellal stumbled on a book about “Gypsies” which ended up launching her on a decade of making films about Roma. Dellal directed, produced, wrote, and edited her first feature documentary, American Gypsy: a stranger in everybody’s land (which had an arthouse theatrical release; played dozens of festivals worldwide; won awards; and aired on P.O.V.. Dellal founded Little Dust Productions to make artistic films with a social conscience.