Herb and Doroth inside their Manhattan apartment


  • Briskly and engagingly cinematic. ... [Their compulsive collecting seems] at once crazy, smart, generous and enormously endearing.

  • If Ripley's Believe It or Not! were still around, Herb and Dorothy Vogel would surely be in it for amassing a world-class art collection on the most ordinary of working-class salaries.

    Los Angeles Times
  • Delightful, involving doc about an unlikely couple who became pioneer contemporary art collectors with working-class salaries.

    Hollywood Reporter
  • The Vogels [Herb and Dorothy], sitting in their same old apartment, overflowing as ever, make for charming company.

    New York Times
  • Former journalist Megumi Sasaki's warmhearted celebration of these adorable do-gooders cements their significance to the art world and introduces them to the rest of us.

    Village Voice
  • Herb & Dorothy describes and amply illustrates the extraordinary saga of the Vogels, who double-handedly built one of the most important collections of Minimalist and Conceptual Art in history with their modest salaries.

    New York Observer
  • Sasaki‚Äôs documentary really shines when she gives center stage to the grateful artists whom they helped nurture.

    Time Out New York