• Still from In Football We Trust

    Still from In Football We Trust

The Film

Polynesians are changing high school, college, and professional football. Their sheer physicality, speed, and agility have set new thresholds in athleticism. To understand this phenomenon, one must appreciate the individuals and cultures behind the headlines, their unique Diaspora to the United States and the role of the Mormon Church in facilitating their immigration.

In Football We Trust chronicles the journey of young Polynesian-American men in Utah, as they transform out of their adolescence, striving to take warrior culture to the next level… through American football. Their stories carry the majority of the narrative, while archival footage and interviews with NFL players and experts on the Polynesian Diaspora are interwoven to provide a contextual background. The film follows the genealogy of Polynesian football, the Utah pipeline, and the profound ways their loyalty, rituals, passion, and ferocity have changed the game and the fan base of football.

The Filmmakers

  1. Tony VainukuDirector
  2. Erika CohnProducer/Co-Director