• Still from In My Corner

    Still from In My Corner


The Film

For 30 years, Luis Camacho has run a South Bronx community boxing gym where young men learn the skills they need to win, both in the ring and in life. In a neighborhood better known for short lives, the Bronxchester Boxing Club is a proving ground and a sanctuary, a home away from home, where trainers become surrogate fathers who teach jabs and right crosses, as well as discipline, self-esteem, and respect. Intimate and explosive, In My Corner explores how caring, committed adults can rebuild the lives of kids on the edge.

The Filmmakers

  1. Ricki SternProducer
  2. Anne SundbergProducer

In My Corner grew out of Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg’s collaboration on a short experimental film on the choreography of boxing for the Paul Taylor dance company. Looking for a gritty background location for their film, Ricki called Luis Camacho and asked to use his gym. “We were surprised to learn that Luis, known for training professional fighters, devoted himself to working with kids from the neighborhood,” says Stern. “Luis and [his crew] are surrogate fathers, mentors and role models for these boys. In My Corner shows how adults who care enough to get involved can make a fundamental difference in kids’ lives.”