The Film

This two-part series goes inside modern Native American communities in both urban and reservation settings, revealing a diverse people working to revitalize their culture while improving the social, physical, and spiritual health of their people.

In Part One, “A Seat at the Drum”, journalist Mark Anthony Rolo (Bad River Ojibwe) sets out to learn how urban Indians in Los Angeles parallel his own life as they preserve a tribal identity, survive economically, and cope with the pressures of a federal relocation program and assimilation in a multicultural metropolis.

In Part Two, “Spiral of Fire”, author LeAnne Howe (Choctaw) journeys to the North Carolina homeland of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and discovers how their fusion of tourism, cultural preservation, and spirituality is working to insure their tribe’s vitality in the 21st Century.

This documentary series, produced by an all-Native American crew, offers unique insights into contemporary Indian life.

The Filmmaker

  1. Frank BlytheDirector