1. Malla Grapengiesser, Producer

    Malla Grapengiesser was born in Sweden and studied literature, art and film at the University of Stockholm. She has worked as a curator, run an art gallery, and from 1989 to 1991 was a member of the international performance group Remote Control. She founded Hysteria Film AB, an independent film and video production company, with Antonio Russo Merenda in 1994 and Asterisk Film (Denmark) in 2001. She produced and directed Vistet: The Log House of the Future and has produced numerous award-winning documentaries including Littoria-Latina, A City, by Gianfranco Pannone; War, by Jens Loftager; and My American Family, by Jerzy Sladkowski.

  2. Nima Sarvestani, Director

    Nima Sarvestani started his career as a journalist in Iran and has been concentrating on documentary filmmaking since moving to Sweden in 1984. Focusing on social and political issues, he is inspired by those who fight passionately for their cause. He directed Dead Man’s Guest (2003), Naked and Wind (2002), Many Years Later (1999), and The Evil Cycle (1998), Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale (2006), and On the Border of Desperation (2008). I Was Worth 50 Sheep is his latest production.