Co-Producers Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis


  • [KING CORN] reveals loads about where our food comes from, how it's grown and, ultimately, how cheap corn has created a junk-food nation.

    The Oregonian
  • A simple film with a powerful message about our country's abundance of corn and the impact that grain has on our health, our nation's economy and the dwindling number of family farms...

    The Oklahoman
  • ... Follows two young college buddies as they move to Iowa, plant an acre of corn and attempt to follow it through the labyrinth of the food business. What they find is not funny, but the documentary often is.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • [An] engaging documentary...

    Hartford Courant
  • Following the trails blazed by Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock, Ellis and Cheney mean to pursue this problem, setting themselves as guides through the thicket of American agricultural and business practices, revealing that, no surprise, the system is premised on and driven by money.

  • KING CORN uses a shambling, shaggy style to answer a serious question: Why is our food system so out of whack?

    Chicago Tribune
  • … KING CORN is a breezy, entertaining buddy flick––two city boys fumbling their way through tasks farmers have mastered for generations in America's farm belt, its underlying message laid out simply and persuasively.

    St. Petersburg Times
  • Independent Lens will be showing the documentary film, KING CORN … This is an important film (and pretty fun) since the [Food &] Farm Bill is currently in Congress being reconciled (not too late to call).

    Daily Kos
  • It should be required viewing before going into a supermarket, McDonald's or your very own refrigerator.

    The Washington Post
  • Deftly balances humor and insight.

    Daily Variety
  • A deceptively intelligent new entry in the regular-Joe documentary genre.
  • KING CORN is entertaining enough, but it's also a moral, crucially skeptical road trip down the food chain.

    Los Angeles Times