1. Scott Dalton, Producer/Director

    Scott Dalton, a native of Conroe, Texas, is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Colombia, where he has covered the civil conflict for five years. Dalton has worked extensively as a photojournalist throughout Central and South America for over ten years. In 2003, while on assignment in one of Colombia’s most dangerous war zones, he was kidnapped by leftist rebels. He was released after 11 days. Dalton has also spent time in the Middle East. His work has appeared in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Time, and Newsweek, among others, and he has reported on many stories for the Associated Press.

  2. Margarita Martinez Escallon, Producer/Director

    Margarita Martinez is a reporter for the Associated Press in Bogotá, Colombia, where she covers the civil conflict, gangs, and negotiations between the government and insurgent groups. She graduated from the University of the Andes, Bogotá in 1994 with a law degree and worked at the Foreign Affairs ministry. She was a Fulbright scholar in journalism and international affairs at Colombia University in New York, graduating in 1998. After a stint at NBC News, Martinez moved back to Colombia. Her work for the Associated Press eventually led her to Medellín’s poor barrios.