1. Margret Jonasdottir, Producer

    Margrét Jónasdóttir holds an Master's degree in History from UCL in London. She has worked in television production since 1998. Margrét is a published author and has been a part of the development unit for Sagafilm, which produces drama/comedy series, TV shows, and documentaries. She is the producer and scriptwriter of eight full-length documentaries and has worked with Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson since 1998.

  2. Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson, Director

    Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles (1994). He has worked for television for almost 20 years in Los Angeles, Denmark, and Iceland. He is the executive producer at Sagafilm, where he makes commercials, feature films, music videos, documentaries, and TV shows including more than 15 comedy/drama series. Magnus has directed eight full-length documentaries.