The Film

We find common ground in everyday life and nothing is more common to the average American than going to work. We pound the alarm clock, grab a cup of joe, hit the road, and try to make it through the day as best we can. But the true experience of work and its impact on our lives is rarely explored on TV. Covering this uncharted ground is Livelyhood, a public television series about our work life and its relationship to our families, communities, and the larger questions the country faces as the economy shifts at lightning speed.

Livelyhood is for everyone who works, across all strata of American society, ranging from factory and office workers to investment bankers and executives. More than that, Livelyhood is designed to start a conversation about the changing nature of work and its central place in our lives and is accompanied by a national outreach campaign involving civic, business, media, labor, and educational organizations.

The Filmmaker

  1. Rhian MillerProducer