The Film

In friendship, one size fits all. These five short films explore the whimsical, comforting, and transformative powers of the bonds of friendship, from a fairground odyssey and a comic book obsession to identity, loneliness, and loss.

Agora by Chris Newberry

In Agora, an eight-year-old girl wanders lost amid oblivious adults and bizarre attractions at the Minnesota State Fair. When she serendipitously meets a younger boy who is also lost, they hatch a clever plan to find their parents.

John and Michael by Shira Avni

The animated short film John and Michael is about two men with Down Syndrome who share an intimate, loving relationship that extends even beyond death.

Miracle Mile by Dong Hyeuk Hwang

James, an aloof Korean American gypsy cab driver, helps his fare, Jiyoung, a young Korean woman, search for her brother, who was adopted by Americans 20 years earlier.

The Raftman’s Razor by Keith Bearden

Using live action and animation, The Raftman’s Razor tells the story of two 15-year-old misfits who become obsessed with a comic book called The Raftman.

Reservation Warparties by Angelique Midthunder

A 10-year-old Lakota boy asks his uncle if he has ever seen a dead body. The question sparks a conversation about the uncle’s role in a close friend’s death.

The Filmmakers

  1. Dong Hyeuk HwangProducer
  2. Christina PiovesanProducer
  3. Keith BeardenProducer
  4. Brad BuckwalterProducer
  5. Chris NewberryProducer
  6. Angelique MidthunderProducer
  7. Michael FukushimaProducer
  8. Shira AvniProducer