Peter "Nyarol" Dut celebrating his upcoming journey to America in Kakuma refugee camp


  • ...fascinating ...

    New York Times
  • ...poignant...

    Entertainment Weekly
  • ...powerful, insightful, moving...

    Calgary Sun
  • ... makes for an interesting, if not particularly compelling, object lesson in good intentions that don't go far enough and in the good and bad choices even kids with parents are faced with

    Orlando Sentinel
  • Heartwrenching documentary revolving around two young Sudanese immigrants, orphaned by war, who struggle to make their way in America.

    Burlington Free Press
  • ... reveals with remarkable clarity the clash of dreams vs. reality.

    Atlanta Constitution
  • ... an intriguing and often-touching documentary that explores the experiences of [Sudanese] refugees, brought to America by religious organizations and charities in 2001.

    Democrat and Chronicle
  • extraordinary journey from Africa to America.

    Go Triad