• Still from Mama Africa:Growing Up Urban

    Still from Mama Africa:Growing Up Urban


The Film

Bound together by unflinching visions of the modern African city and insightful introductions by Queen Latifah, Mama Africa: Growing Up Urban combines three short dramas by some of Africa's most successful women filmmakers. Uno's World, directed by Namibia's Bridget Pickering, charts a young mother's rite of passage in a world of conflicting responsibilities and intoxicating greed. Ngozi Onwurah's Hang Time tells the story of a talented young basketball player in Nigeria who risks everything and bets his future on a new pair of shoes. And in Raya, South African director Zulfa Otto-Sallies explores one woman's struggle both to rebel against her respectable Muslim upbringing and erase her criminal past.

The Filmmaker

  1. Larry SapadinProducer