1. Daniel Birman, Producer/Director

    Daniel H. Birman is the producer and director od Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story for Independent Lens on PBS. Before that, Birman produced the highly acclaimed documentary Brace for Impact: the Chesley B. Sullenberger Story for TLC and it aired on Discovery Channel. Previously, Birman produced Death of the Universe, a one-hour special for National Geographic Channel, which explored new theories since Einstein about the fate of the universe. He produced, Europa: Mystery of the Ice Moon, a one-hour special for The Science Channel about exploring a moon of Jupiter that just might support life; and Medical Maverick — two one-hour shows for Discovery Health Channel that look at the work of a world-class trauma surgeon. Birman also produced The Team, a four-part and first-ever nonfiction series for Nickelodeon, and Chopper Rescue, a one-hour trauma pilot for Discovery Health. Before that, he produced Alternatives: Uncovered, a series of one-hour programs also for Discovery Health.