• Harold Robinson plays the bass

    Harold Robinson plays the bass


The Film

Music from the Inside Out is a cinematic exploration of music through the stories and artistry of the musicians of The Philadelphia Orchestra. The film follows these musicians as they explore what music means in their lives, both inside and outside the concert hall. The resulting stories — of passion, struggle, perseverance, and transcendence — serve to illuminate the role of music in all of our lives.

Filmed over a period of five years on three continents, Music from the Inside Out is the result of a collaboration between the filmmaker and the musicians themselves. Unique in style and approach, the main character of this film is music itself. An eclectic soundtrack incorporates a blend of well-loved musical works — including classical, jazz, bluegrass, salsa, and world music.

It is the musicians themselves who come to the forefront, rather than the conductor or star soloist. Among the many memorable musicians featured are concertmaster David Kim, whose quest for a solo career ends with a life-changing epiphany that led him to the orchestra; trombonist Nitzan Haroz, who jams with a local salsa band each Thursday night; violist and artist Judy Geist, who finds connections between her painting and her music; and cellist Udi Bar-David, an Israeli who initiates a musical collaboration with a prominent Palestinian musician, in which music trumps politics.

While Music from the Inside Out is about the many people within one musical ensemble, it is ultimately a personal musical journey. Each musician’s story reveals a struggle to maintain individuality, to test musical boundaries and to choose the path of an artist. Ultimately, the film attempts to break down the barriers that have long separated orchestra musicians and their audiences, and get to the essence of the music itself.

The Filmmaker

  1. Daniel AnkerProducer