1. Joseph Aguirre, Producer/Director

    Joseph Aguirre is a cameraman and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. His diverse body of work in the fields of documentary, commercials, and music videos has taken him all over the world, from filming Korean breakdancers on the streets of Seoul for Nike, to shooting surfing in the waters off Indonesia, to producing/shooting/editing in Palestine's occupied West Bank for The New York Times. Next Year Country — a film he directed, co-produced, and shot — is his feature film debut.

  2. Jennie Bedusa, Producer

    Jennie Bedusa is a producer living in New York City. Her recent credits include a look at the high-stakes world of online poker (2 Months 2 Million, 2009, G4) and actor Mario Van Peeble’s personal journey to build an eco-friendly home and lifestyle for his family (Mario’s Greenhouse, 2009, TV One). Her Web-based, short-form projects include work for Conde Nast, Hennessy Black, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Next Year Country is her second feature documentary.