• Still from No More Babies for Life

    Still from No More Babies for Life

The Film

Was the maternity ward a border checkpoint for unborn babies? No More Babies for Life investigates the riveting history of Mexican-American women who were coercively sterilized at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center during the late 1960s and 1970s. Many of the mothers spoke no English, and were prodded into tubal ligations in the late stages of labor — often based on little more than the question “More babies?”

No More Babies for Life is a story of blatant injustice, uncommon courage, and activism. The film shows how a group of mothers, young Chicana lawyers, activists, and a whistle-blowing doctor stood up to powerful institutions, faced public exposure, and risked their careers in the name of justice. Direct participants in the case recount what happened inside the hospital’s OB-GYN unit, and the resulting organizing campaign and class action lawsuit, Madrigal v. Quilligan.

At the heart of the film are plaintiffs Dolores Madrigal, Maria Figueroa, and the mothers who went public with their sterilizations. No More Babies for Life reveals their story for the first time on film.

The Filmmakers

  1. Renee Tajima-PeñaProducer/Director
  2. Virginia EspinoProducer