Still from <i>A Panther in Africa</i>


  • An elegant documentary … A Panther In Africa is a tale of personal redemption ...

    The Kansas City Star
  • By the end, you’ll feel you’re on intimate terms with the charming [Pete] O’Neal, the embattled country of Tanzania and the pain of political exile.

    TV Guide
  • O'Neal's searing honesty makes A Panther In Africa a rewarding documentary offering a unique perspective on race and national loyalties.

    Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • ... former Black Panther Pete O’Neal offers some pointed reflections on the state of racism in the United States, as viewed from a self-imposed 30-year exile.

    Boston Globe
  • A Panther In Africa captures what it means to never return home; it also frames well the war here which led to the arrest, death or flight of African freedom fighters.

    The San Francisco Bay View