1. Bruno Sorrentino, Director

    London-based Bruno Sorrentino has filmed and directed a wide range of award-winning documentaries for British and international television. These include A Saudi Slave, about the ongoing abuse of housekeepers in Saudi Arabia; Rivers of Sand, about an environmental catastrophe in northern Mali; Private War, about private contractors in the U.S.’s drug war in Colombia; and two films charting the lives of children across the globe, Growing Up Global and Back to School.

  2. Maggie Still, Producer

    Maggie Still founded Xanadu Productions in 1996, the only production company in the U.K. with a unique focus on producing documentaries in China. She has worked in filmmaking for more than 30 years. She has lived and worked in China where she wrote and presented a Chinese language teaching series. Since forming Xanadu, her production credits have included Asian Field, about British sculptor Antony Gormley’s visit to a Chinese village making his latest installation of 120,000 pottery figures; Dr. Chen’s Sex Revolution, where Chinese people speak candidly about their lives for BBC 2; and Dance With Birds, winner of Dance Screen 2000.